Mental health is a topic that deserves our attention and support. It affects millions of lives, and yet it remains stigmatized and misunderstood by many. The National Alliance on Mental Illness, San Mateo County (NAMI SMC), understands the importance of raising awareness and providing hope to those affected by mental health conditions. That’s why they host their annual NAMIWalks event, scheduled for Saturday, October 14, 2023. This free community event will take place at the beautiful Seal Point Park in San Mateo and promises a day filled with a 5K fundraising walk, wellness programming, food, music, a kid’s zone, and a community resource fair.

The Significance of NAMIWalks

NAMI SMC’s Mission

NAMI SMC has a clear mission: to advocate for access to services, treatment, support, and research for individuals living with mental health conditions. They are dedicated to promoting recovery and providing hope. NAMIWalks is one of their flagship events, aligning perfectly with their mission.

Raising Awareness

One of the primary goals of NAMIWalks is to raise awareness about mental health issues. Through this event, NAMI SMC aims to break the silence surrounding mental health, reduce stigma, and encourage open conversations. By bringing the community together, they hope to foster understanding and compassion.

Providing Hope

Mental health conditions can be isolating and challenging to navigate. NAMIWalks offers hope by creating a supportive and empathetic environment. Attendees can connect with others who have faced similar struggles and find inspiration in their journeys toward recovery.

What to Expect at NAMIWalks 2023

5K Fundraising Walk

The highlight of NAMIWalks is undoubtedly the 5K fundraising walk. Participants of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join. It’s a fantastic opportunity to exercise, enjoy the scenic beauty of Seal Point Park, and contribute to a great cause.

Wellness Programming

Mental health is not just about the absence of illness; it’s about overall well-being. NAMI SMC recognizes this and offers wellness programming during the event. Attendees can learn about self-care, stress management, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Food and Music

No community event is complete without delicious food and lively music. NAMIWalks provides both, ensuring that attendees have a memorable experience. Sharing a meal and enjoying music together fosters a sense of unity and connection.

Kid’s Zone

NAMI SMC believes in nurturing mental health awareness from a young age. The kid’s zone offers child-friendly activities that help kids understand and express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

Community Resource Fair

Knowledge is power, and the community resource fair at NAMIWalks provides valuable information about mental health resources available in San Mateo County. From support groups to counseling services, attendees can explore the many avenues of support.


The National Alliance on Mental Illness, San Mateo County (NAMI SMC), is making a significant impact on the community by hosting NAMIWalks 2023. This event is more than just a fundraiser; it’s an opportunity to come together, learn, share, and show support for those affected by mental health conditions. By attending NAMIWalks on Saturday, October 14, 2023, at Seal Point Park in San Mateo, you can be a part of this transformative experience.

For more information and to participate in this uplifting event, access the official website here.


1. Who can participate in NAMIWalks 2023?

NAMIWalks is a community event open to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Whether you want to walk, enjoy the wellness programming, or simply show support, you are welcome.

2. Is there a registration fee for NAMIWalks?

No, NAMIWalks is a free community event. However, donations to support NAMI SMC’s mission are highly encouraged and appreciated.

3. Can I bring my children to NAMIWalks?

Absolutely! There is a kid’s zone with activities tailored for children. It’s a family-friendly event.

4. What should I wear for the 5K walk?

Dress comfortably and wear appropriate footwear for walking. Consider wearing NAMI merchandise to show your support.

5. How can I get involved with NAMI SMC beyond NAMIWalks?

NAMI SMC offers various programs and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Visit their website for more information on how you can make a lasting impact on mental health awareness and support in San Mateo County.

Michael Hart
Author: Michael Hart